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Thorthu is the traditional bath towel used for centuries in the homes of South Indian families. This age-old bathing accessory has been one of the most well-preserved, passed on, and alive traditions.

Our Thorth is woven using two-ply old-world Karunganni cotton yarns in both the warp and the weft, making it porous and highly water absorbent and much lower in weight than conventional knitted towels.

For the comfort and safety-conscious user:

Our bodies need care post bathing that the right combination of lightness, softness and strength, coupled with high water absorbency, can give.

Thelight weight of just 170 grams makes our Thorth oneof the lightest bathing towels; easy to handle for young children and the elderly alike. Also, Karunganni cotton is grown organically, making this towel free of any chemical contaminants – an ideal skin companion, safe for babies and those with sensitive skins.

For the environment-considerate individual:

The Thorth is the go-to home product as it uses less water in a wash and also dries easily naturally, even in colder climates. The towel is a minimalist’s delight with its low space-saving storage needs.

For the handloom enthusiast and supporter:

This is a purchase of love and care for those who work in the handloom value chain.

Exactly what we all look for in a good towel, right? Go ahead and give it a try.

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