Handcrafted, natural body scrubs or loofahs, made out of the roots of real vetiver (Ramacham/khus), outer cover braided using natural sisal fibre.


Sisal is a flowering plant - cultivated for its fibre. 

▪ While still wet and soft, a long handled knife is used to scrape out the raw fibre. 

▪ Fibre is sun-dried for 3-4 days.

▪ It is smoothened by running through a nail bed

▪ The fibre is spun into yarn using a spindle

▪ Spun yarn is crocheted to make the scrub


Size: 11 cm

Direction to use:

 *Soak the scrub to soften it. 

*The left over aromatic water can be used for bathing, if desired.



*Anti- bacterial

*Loosens dead skin cells & aids in exfoliation

*Aids in blood circulation

*Makes skin soft, healthy & glowing

Body scrubber-Sisal Fibre